How is Jobs Vibhaga useful for Job Seekers / Candidates?

Jobs Vibhaga’s main aim/goal is to help the unemployed or job seeking candidates to get the best job which matches their profile and passion in the best company. To achieve this goal, we built Jobs Vibhaga. At Jobs Vibhaga, users can search, find and apply for the jobs and can manage them from a centralized user-friendly dashboard. At Jobs Vibhaga, we maintain some standards to provide the quality services, whatever the jobs posted by employers on our portal, we will publish only after cross-checking the information, details, and identity of that particular company, with this we are avoiding the job postings by fake companies or any third party consultants. We have a dedicated verification team which it goes through every job listing and the employers.

We took a pledge at our company to never sell your information, users/candidates are not a product to sell their data, securing your privacy is our 1st priority. We are implementing international security standards to secure the data. We are about to launch our new online portal “Education Vibhaga” for our registered users for free, to provide the best study materials, important guides and etc., other important tutorials.

Not only these, we are planning for many other services regarding education, employment etc.

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