How Jobs Vibhaga is useful for Employers?

Jobs Vibhaga is very advantageous for employers in recruiting best candidates/employees for their organization. Jobs Vibhaga is founded and started to make the best place for employers/organizations to find the best employees by providing very unique tools than other job portals on the internet at affordable prices. Jobs Vibhaga is […]

7 How Jobs Vibhaga is better than other job portals on internet?

When we compare Jobs Vibhaga to other job portals on the internet, there are multiple benefits and features Jobs Vibhaga is providing than other job portals. Some of them are as follows:   Services Jobs Vibhaga Other Job Portals Simple Job Listings Available Available Sticky Job Listings Available Available Premium […]

6. How to bookmark a candidate or resume?

To bookmark a candidate or resume, and to view them, follow the below steps: First, open the website and log in to it, ignore if already logged in. Open the resume database access by clicking on ‘Find a Candidate’ submenu item from top navigation menu bar. Immediately the page will […]

3. How to view statistics of the job listings on Jobs Vibhaga?

This is a very unique feature which is only provided on Jobs Vibhaga job portal for employers. This helps employers with the exposure/promotion of their job listing which is provided, they can know the exact number of the views, contact button clicks, and applications through this ‘Statistics’ feature. This helps […]

2. How to post a job listing on Jobs Vibhaga?

Follow the below step-by-step procedure to create/post a job listing on Jobs Vibhaga. To post a job listing on ‘Jobs Vibhaga’, open the website and log in to it. Drag the mouse to your username on the menu bar, a submenu is provided showing ‘Post a Job’ submenu item. Just […]

8. Differences between Jobs Vibhaga and other job portals?

Some of the pros and cons of our and other job portals are as follows.   Services Jobs Vibhaga Other Job Portals Online CV Available Available Import CV from LinkedIn Available Not Available Attach Resume File to online resume Available Available Multiple C.V. Management Available Not Available Advanced Job Search […]