7 How Jobs Vibhaga is better than other job portals on internet?

When we compare Jobs Vibhaga to other job portals on the internet, there are multiple benefits and features Jobs Vibhaga is providing than other job portals. Some of them are as follows:


Services Jobs Vibhaga Other Job Portals
Simple Job Listings Available Available
Sticky Job Listings Available Available
Premium Job Listings Available Available
Resume Database Access Available Available
Contact Candidate Onsite Available Available
Advanced Candidate Search Tool Available Available
Integrated Map Search Tool Available Not-Available
Bookmark Candidate Available Not-Available
Dashboard to manage applications Available Not-Available
Custom notes, status and review for applications Available Not-Available
Download all applications – CSV File Available Not-Available
Receive applications Via FB Profile Not-Available
Statistics for Job Listings Available Not-Available
Responsive Web-Design/platform. Available Not-Available
Dedicated Mobile App Available Available
Login with Social Media Profiles Available Available
User-Friendly UI Available Not-Available

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